Farmhouse Fall Wood Pumpkin Display

June 25, 2024

Farmhouse Fall Wood Pumpkin Display

The following project was shared with us by design team member Maureen.  It is a decoupage project, good for any Fall decorating project.  Take a look at the steps below to create your own!

Trace Farmhouse Fall plaid paper with a pencil and cut out your shape. Prepare decoupage glue and a paint brush.

Add a layer of decoupage glue to the wood pumpkin, then adhere your paper shape. Add a second coat on top with another layer.
Cut out a circle in Farmhouse Fall polka dot paper. Next, cut the circle starting on the outside edge in the form of a spiral with scissors.
Twist this paper spiral around a pencil, starting from the outside working in. Glue the end to the bottom to create a flower.
Cut out assorted leaves from the Farmhouse Fall metal die cuts and paper. Cut a Happy Fall title and adhere these to the pumpkin with glue.
Wrap twine around the top of your wood pumpkin shape and glue in place.
Display your project anywhere you need some Fall decor!

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