Step Up Your Stencil Game!

June 25, 2024

Step Up Your Stencil Game!

Hello everyone!  This post is intended to share with you some ideas to “Step Up Your Stencil Game!” 

For this demonstration we chose the stencil Perfectly Plaid for several cards, changing it up slightly for each card.  I hope that by the end of this tutorial you will have some new ideas for how you can use your stencils with materials that you have on hand at home! 

Here are a few tips and tricks to get started: 

  • Use a work surface that is easy to wipe clean.  I also prefer one that has grid lines, as it makes makes it easy to line up the layering stencils.
  • Adhere card stock and stencil to a work surface to prevent it from moving.  Washi tape or painter's tape works well.
  • Between layers, baby wipes or a wet cloth will help you keep the stencil clean.
  • Distress Oxide Inks are a go-to for ink-blending; however, if you don’t have those on hand, use what you have.
  • Start with a light hand and layer up the color to get a smooth blend.  Use a sponge tool applicator to apply the ink, moving in a circular motion.

To create the plaid backdrop: 

  1. Starting with the wide-striped stencil, blend your first color across the paper.  Clean your stencil after you complete this step.
  2. Rotate the same stencil 90 degrees clockwise, secure it to your work surface, and blend in your second color..
  3. Clean your stencil again, and repeat with layers 3 and 4.

Feel free to experiment with similar shades and also contrasting shades.  The results are so much fun!  To recreate the ideas in this post, we've used the Penguin Party collection, the Mi Ran collection and the Bizzy Hands stamp collection.  


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